Breathe In The World

It’s amazing what you find when you go through boxes, clean out and repack… I’m heading to North Andover tomorrow, so I’ve been going through all of these boxes in my room from high school, middle school and beyond that are mixed with other stuff that I might actually want with me. While going through, there was this really small piece of paper. I don’t exactly know why I decided to unfold it and look at it – there wasn’t anything else in the box I looked at since it was full of photos from elementary school. But, I opened it and what I read made me so happy.

breathein“I hear in colors
And I see in heavenly songs
I speak in rainbows and angels
And I feel in rights changing wrongs
I laugh in the starlight
And I sleep in the sunrise
I smile in dreams and moonbeams
And I live in a surprise.
I’m different than any other girl
Because I breathe in the world.

Those days disappeared from me for a while, but I feel like they’re returning. I loved being that girl and I’m slowly starting to become her again. I have page after page of poetry that I wrote years ago that I’m absolutely in love with and I’m finally starting to feel the inspiration to write again. This summer is bringing so much change towards me and it hasn’t even started yet. : )

The next time I post, I will have started work and will be in North Andover. Yahoo! Later gators!


2 Comments to “Breathe In The World”

  1. You always write lovely poetry…I used to write a lot when I was in High School and College…not so much since then…I’m proud of you Ree!

  2. I like those lines very much. Keep writing!
    Have a good summer.

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