Unsatisfied (8/22)

I just spent an amazing 5 days away from home all over southern New Hampshire with some of my closest friends. So much change happens in me and so many amazing things happen when I’m with any of the four guys that I call my brothers, and a majority of the past 5 days I have been with all four of them. Out of the revelations and deep discussions that we had together, I wrote this poem. I feel like it pretty much speaks for itself, so I won’t give an explanation to go along with it. If you do have any questions, please feel free to ask me. I’d love for you to join me in this state of being unsatisfied.


As if the lights were always on
But my eyes were too closed to see
As if the music were always blaring
But my ears preferred a silent ring
As if the fire were right beside me
But my hands were content in the cold
As if the roses smelled their sweetest
But my nose favored the mold

We have put chains and limits on ourselves
That separate us from the fullness of living
We’ve been satisfied with being His followers
But we’ve neglected the truth of all He’s giving
His existence defies rationality
And His love defies reason
We should be striving to do the same
Through every time, place and season

Everything the world has defined
No longer applies

I will not be satisfied with mere Christianity
I refuse to accept the limits of everyday humanity
My God is bigger and my Jesus is stronger
I will not be restrained by the commonplace any longer
I cannot be made comfortable and I will not be whole
Until the unrestricted, unfathomable power of Christ seeps through my soul
Being led by my spirit with my mind set aside
I will remain passionately, uncontrollably unsatisfied


One Comment to “Unsatisfied (8/22)”

  1. Amazing poem, Hilary! This really hit home after the conference I just attended. Perfect timing as usual!

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