Hello, September!

Never thought I would let this much time pass before another post or update on life. But it’s a good thing, because I’ve been busy and life’s been changing. : )


First off, I pretty much love my job. I spend the day working on marketing initiatives (and yes, this includes doing research on Facebook and Twitter : P ) and running through procedures for enrolling students in all different types of courses here, online and in other New Horizons locations. I work 8-5 and take an hour for lunch around 1pm – usually I go home and hang out with Stuart on the couch during this time. : ) I’m past my probationary period, so now it’s official that this is my job for more than just the short term.


Some of you already know that my brain’s been turning a bit about churches. Since before I moved to Nashua, I had been attending Grace Fellowship and met so many wonderful people there. From time to time, I would make a weekend trip out to The Village Church in Swanzey (an hour and a half drive one way), staying over at friends’ houses in Antrim or Wilton – lessening my drive by at least 30 minutes. Both churches have been absolutely wonderful homes for me and have challenged me and grown me in so many ways already and it’s phenomenal.

Lately, I’ve been feeling God tugging me to be more deeply rooted in a church – and to make sure that I’m in the church He needs me to be in. That’s cool, right? Finding the church where God lets you know He needs you in? Well, He’s being a bit mysterious and is asking me to seek it out right now – to investigate and apply what He’s already given and shown me to figure out where I should be. This is a very difficult decision… Grace? Village? Another? There are numerous options…

This has seemed like such a daunting task to me and lately talking about it with anyone has made me feel even more burdened. Everyone I talk to wants me to go to their church – and that’s understandable! I’m talking with my friends who all would love to spend their Sunday morning/afternoon experiences with me. There’s just something so wonderful about sitting in church surrounded by your friends on a Sunday morning. But, I can’t just go somewhere because my friends are there or because it’s most convenient.

I thought I had figured out where I should go a week or so ago until I talked with my mom and prayed about things some more. My mom mentioned that one of the most important parts about selecting a church was finding a community that you can be a part of. That eliminated an option right there, which made me sad… How can I expect to be a part of a community on more than just Sundays if the church is a 3 hour round trip from where I live?

Being with Christians all the time isn’t what I’m talking about with community. We are called to fellowship with one another for growth and accountability as well as to minister to those outside of our church body – saved or unsaved. It is important to me to find a church where I can be a part of the community in Bible studies, service projects, worship experiences, ministerial opportunities, etc. And, sadly, this counts out churches that are further away from me… If a bible study were on a Wednesday, I simply couldn’t make it. I get out of work at 5. I wouldn’t be able to get there til at least 6:30, and then I wouldn’t make it home until almost 11.

So. I’m still in a fun spot. I love Grace, and it could very well be where God needs me, but I want to know that it’s where He needs me, and that’s what I’m trying to figure out. I need to know if this is where I should be involved and invested. I’ll be happy if it is, and I’ll be happy if He sends me elsewhere because it’s where He wants me. Pray for me if you could that I can hurry up and figure out where He’s leading me, because it feels like a great weight on my shoulders trying to figure it all out.


Yes, I am still running my own photography/design business. I posted some things a while back that pointed you all to my website ( www.hilarycolleen.com ) and I have a Facebook page now, too. It’s taken a little bit of time, but my name is beginning to be known around Nashua and I’m getting referrals from people I’m not connected to – which is the best business boost. Having friends who recommend friends to you is great, but when you can’t figure out how someone got referred to you or they say “I found you on Facebook” that’s a great feeling. : )

Plus, on Saturday a custom photography package will be part in a silent auction as a part of Ransom Levi, a benefit concert/auction to help the Mostrom family. Should be a neat-o experience.

Sad note: my certification has sort of been on hold for a while. Every now and then I pick it up and to an assignment or two, but it’s no longer my first priority, which is totally fine. I’ll get it done before the new year – never you fear. : )


Don’t get all excited, this really just means what’s up next on my schedule : P I figured I’d share with you some amazing upcoming events.

  • 10/1 – Surprise Trip! – I’m taking Derek, Kenny and Joanna on a surprise trip after we’re all done with work. Muahaha. I’m probably more excited than they are. : )
  • 10/9-11 – Sandwich Fair! – No, it’s not a fair of sandwiches, but it’s the most amazing fair that’s in Sandwich, NH that my fam and I have gone to for years. I’m so excited for cotton candy, blooming onions, the ferris wheel, and so so much more…
  • 10/15-17 – ENC Homecoming! – Pretty much alumni from all over head back to ENC for special events like the street fair, the fall musical, etc. Kind of excited to go back and see everyone. : )
  • 10/27-28 – NLDC @ Hyannis! – Not sure which night I’m going, but I want to try to get to Hyannis one of these nights because some of my buds from New Life Drama Company are performing at a church there!
  • 11/12-14 – Katie’s Senior Recital! – Flying to PA to attend Kate’s senior voice recital and to take engagement photos for Tommy and Jess!
  • 11/19-20 – Radical Christianity Meetings! – A few nights of great sermons and teachings on radical christianity at The Village Church.
  • 11/25-28 – Thanksgiving Vacation! – Nice time off from work at home with the fam : )

I probably have so much more that I could say – well, there’s always more that I could say – but I’ll stop here. Hopefully write sooner rather than later next time. : P


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