Be Prepared (for what?)

Any time I hear someone say “be prepared” I totally hear the Lion King in my head. It’s great. : )

I know I haven’t written in a while, which is why you all are going to just love the bombardment of blog posts I have coming – be prepared for those, haha! One will be on making a living off of what you love (meant to have that one finished sooner) and since I have no idea what order the others will be coming in (depends on which inspiration builds enough first in my mind) I’ll just let you wonder about those!

To give a quick update for family and friends since, it’s true, I’ve been crazy busy and haven’t kept in touch like I intended, here’s what’s new:

I’ll have TWO new roommates come June 1st. This is a semi-sad but true statement. Becca has been overnight nannying for a couple of months now, so she’s never really home anyway and will be moving into a cheaper living situation to save money for school. Rita is getting married this summer!!! I get to be a bridesmaid – so cool! She’ll be moving in with our friends Tom and Jen for a couple of months to save money for the wedding and starting her new life with David, but at least until the end of August she’ll be living just 10 minutes away. I’ve already got one new roommate all squared away – her name is Laura and she’s wonderful! She drove out here from her home in California to take a position as a head baker for a bread store opening up in April (right across the street from my office, I might add!). As for a second roommate, I’ve got someone in mind that I would love to live with, but just waiting on God’s providence if that’s the right option. Otherwise, I do still have options. So I know I’ll be all set with a second roommate by the time the lease runs out and I need to renew.

I’m returning to SoulFest this summer! Big surprise, eh? Anyone who knows me knows full well that giving up SoulFest would be like giving up my eyes – I can’t do it! There are a lot of people I love who won’t be making it back this year, but I’ll be there for sure, and would love it if you wanted to come work with me (shameless pitch)! Full-time volunteers get free admission to the festival, a campsite in Volunteer camping and one free meal a day for working two 4.5 hour shifts each day. Part-time volunteers get 50% off admission to the festival for working one 4.5 hour shift each day. Head over to to fill out the form! There are so many great opportunities at SoulFest, so don’t miss out! It’s true that once you work at SoulFest you can never just “attend” again – you’ll love our SoulFest family!

I’m traveling up and down the east coast for my first official wedding season! While I was taking wedding photos last year, I didn’t really have the time to devote to it that I wanted nor had I finished my wedding planning program. Now with my business registered, my certification complete and my life a bit more stable, I’ve been able to focus on growing my business. The awesomeness of that? I’m photographing weddings in New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia and Pennsylvania this summer all before the end of July and I’m planning weddings in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. So exciting. : )

I absolutely love my church. Apparently my job hunting strategy worked amazingly well. I’ve fallen in love with the people, the ministry, the sermons, my pastor and his family, our worship, our building… It’s just so awesome. Now, if only I could sit down and focus more on my writing… (the book I was writing about this has come to a little bit of a roadblock and is progressing ridiculously slowly in comparison to what it was like when I started) The goal is still to have my book ready before SoulFest hits. Some time the end of next month I plan to start sending out proposals to potential publishers. Yikes! : ) So exciting.

I’m taking a real vacation to Blowing Rock!! For the first time in about two years or so I will finally be returning to my #1 favorite place in the whole entire world – my paradise, my escape and my REAL home (even though I’ve never lived there) – Blowing Rock, NC. It’s true, southern friends, I will be back on the campground for the week of July 24th (family camp!) and I hope to see you all there! I’ve been away for much longer than I can stand, so this is going to be amazing for me.

That’s all the seriously interesting stuff that I can think of concerning me… I still have the most amazing boyfriend in the world (sometimes I don’t think the world knows what hit it when he shows up – sometimes I don’t even know what’s going on when he’s there, haha!) and the best cat EVER. Now, here’s a quick peek at my calendar of events in case you’re curious about all that jazz:

April 2 – Allie V’s bridal shower, then working at the Supertones Concert in Manchester with the crew

April 3 – Spending the afternoon in Boston with Duane and Ray : )

April 7-10 – In Virginia Beach for a long weekend, spending time with Krista & Lee before photographing their wedding on the beach!

April 15 – Kina Grannis concert in Boston (dear Derek, pleasepleaseplease??)

April 22-24 – In Ossipee with the fam (Kate’s home!) for Easter

May 13-15 – In St. Davids, PA for my lil sister’s college grad

May 27-29 – In St. Davids, PA to photograph Jess & Tommy’s wedding

May 30 – Day off from work! WOO!

June 11 – My birthday : )   (mark your calendars for this, friends! Birithday party time!)

June 18 – In Pepperell to be the DOC for Hannah & Josh’s wedding

June 25 – In Alton to photograph Anna & Nick’s wedding

That’s all for now! More blog posts coming soon! ❤


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