A Ripe Divisible Age

One month from yesterday I will turn the wonderfully divisible age of 24 (4/2 = 2. Or even 4-2 = 2. I love it.). Another year of my life will be starting up. What does that mean for me and life as I know it?

Well… for starters my parents will be moving about 900 miles (15.5 hours) away from me – a drastic change from the no-more-than 2.5 hours that has ever been between us since, well, ever. My dad is finally going back to being a full-time pastor at Savannah Advent Christian Church in Bishopville, SC. He and my mom will actually be moving down there before my 24th birthday – they around June 5th once my mom’s school is out for the summer, bringing their new puppy Gibbs with them (they love this dog).

Another biggie – my little sister is graduating from Eastern University in PA this Saturday and is looking for work around the south – where shortly the rest of my family will be living besides me (my older sister lives and works in Charlotte, NC). Once she graduates, she’ll come back to my parents place in New Hampshire to help them pack up what remains of the house and will move with them to South Carolina until a post-collegiate job pans out for her. She actually has an interview lined up somewhere around Charleston I believe (go Kate!).

As previously seen, continuing education is also on my mind. I’ve narrowed down my options to either spending a couple of months to get my Masters Certificate in Human Resources or spending about 2 years to get my Masters Degree in Human Resources. I’m still weighing out everything with these two… So, we’ll see what happens with all of that.

Another new thing? I will have 2 new roommates come June 1st. My friend Becca moved out at the beginning of the month and the wonderful Laura moved in – she moved out here from CA to be the head baker at the bread store across the street from my office (my boyfriend and his brother currently work there). She’s awesome. At the end of this month, one of my best friends, Rita, will be moving out of the apartment and into what will be her new home once she and her fiance are married August 20th – it’s only about 15 minutes away, but it’s not right upstairs which will be real sad for me. I’m going to miss her LOTS. But, there’s always an upside. My beautiful friend Kim will be moving in!! We had been talking about this opportunity for a while and after she graduates on Saturday and is all packed up, she’ll move on in! Fantastic. God is so good.

I’ve got a crazy summer planned which I’ll gladly share in a few, but first off, I’ll share what is probably biggest on my wishlist for my birthday, even if it is only $$ contributing to the fund for me to purchase one: a camcorder. Right now, these are some of the ones I’m looking into (they’ve all got about 1920 x 1080 video sizes):


I’ve got cameras and all that jazz, but nothing besides my computer (or phone) that can take video… and sometimes you just want to capture some video instead… : ) I also always love giftcards to Olive Garden and Kohl’s. : D

My summer schedule is as follows, kiddos!

  • May 13-15: Katie’s college graduation weekend in St. Davids, PA (yes, I am flying down on Friday the 13th)
  • May 20-22: Last weekend for Mom to visit – maybe Kim coming for a visit?!
  • May 27-29: Tommy & Jess’ wedding weekend in Devon, PA
  • May 30: Newport, RI with Derek!
  • June 11: Tim & Darlene’s wedding in Lowell, MA – also my birthday!
  • June 18: Hannah & Adam’s wedding in Pepperell, MA
  • June 25: Anna & Nick’s wedding in Alton, NH
  • July 1-4: Cape Cod crew escape?!
  • July 9: Micah & Meg’s wedding in Quincy, MA
  • July 16: Manaseh & Steve’s wedding in Nashua, NH
  • July 23: Jon & Allie’s wedding in Westford, MA
  • July 24-30: Vacation in Nishopville, SC & Blowing Rock, NC!
  • July 31-August 7: SoulFest in Gilford, NH
  • August 18-21: David & Rita’s wedding weekend in Gaithersberg, MD

How do you like them apples?! : D Such a crazy busy summer, but I love it! See you all… when I can : )


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