Wedding Trends: Toms, Trees, Doors and Jars

I’ve been absent from my blog for quite some time as wedding season has completely taken over – weddings every weekend since May 31st and I’m not done yet! With all the wedding things going on, I’ve had some time thinking about different trends and ideas that I’ve fallen in love with that I just have to share with you all. Maybe some of these ideas will inspire you and your wedding!

Trend #1: Look great, love your feet & lend a hand

Finding that perfect pair of heels for your wedding day can be quite a long process (not to mention a decent amount of money) and I know of very few brides who wear their wedding shoes frequently after their wedding – they really only got the pair because it matched their dress! Most of the time those shoes come off at receptions because they hurt to dance in – or be in for long periods of time in general. Shouldn’t there be some awesome shoes that don’t hurt your feet, that you can wear more than just once and have some sort of other reason to spend the bling on them?

Photographer Unknown

Enter Toms Shoes. If you haven’t heard of Toms, for every pair of shoes that you buy from Toms they will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. How awesome is that? There are all varieties of Toms to choose from including flats, wedges and they even have a specific wedding line! These shoes are extremely comfortable as well – you will want to keep wearing them for sure! Take a look at all they have to offer – they would make great bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts as well!

Photo by One Love Photography

Photo by Ashley Maxwell Photography

Trend #2: Embrace nature – transform your trees

A tree in the wrong place can make or break your outdoor ceremony/reception – the same is true for a little nature brought inside. Don’t just let those beautiful works of nature go unnoticed and undressed for your wedding.

Photographer Unknown

If your ceremony/reception is going to be outside (or even inside) and you’ve got some trees, get some colorful ribbons out there for a beautiful color accent – not to mention the amazing wonderland it creates when the wind blows even the slightest bit! Ribbons of all different types can create a dream-feel for your wedding.

Photo by One Love Photography

Looking for a way to dress up a tree at your reception while also creating a completely unique guestbook? Whoever thought of the Wish Tree was a genius. (Apparently it is an old Dutch Custom)

Photographer Unknown

Photographer Unknown

Trend #3: The Magic of a Door

I’m in love with outdoor weddings – probably because of how much I love natural lighting for photos and what it does to the atmosphere. With that said, outdoor weddings can make the whole “entrance of the bride” a little less dramatic – most setups there’s no way a bride can just appear as she does when the doors open and she’s walking down the aisle. Some genius, creative minds wanted to still keep that special moment and created doors outdoors!

Photography by Sean Walker Photography

Photographer Unknown

Photography by Simply Bloom Photography

Photographer Unknown

 Trend #4: Glass jars are good for more than catching fireflies

As a kid, you probably caught all kinds of critters and put them in glass jars. As an adult, you might store up vegetables or jams, maybe even make some candles. But wouldn’t you know that glass jars (like mason jars) can make some absolutely beautiful (and inexpensive) wedding decor??! Fill them with flowers to line the wedding aisle, hand them from rods with candles to light the way, or even use them as seating arrangement markers for guests to double as a glass for lemonade!

Photographer Unknown

Photographer Unknown

Photographer Unknown

Hopefully these fun wedding trends have inspired you in some way! Keep your eyes peeled for then next wedding trends post next month!


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