The Mountain’s Calling My Name

It’s been about 3 years since I’ve had a real vacation. I’ve had a couple days around holidays off from work this past year, but since I graduated from college, I have had no vacation. Not kidding. And with all the things I was up to, I didn’t have a whole lot of weekends off either. After an amazing wedding season this year, it’s official.

It’s finally time for a vacation. And where else would I escape to but the Blue Ridge Mountains!

Early (early early – as in 3AM early) Sunday morning Derek and I will leave for Boston to hop on a 5AM flight to Charlotte, NC where my mom will be waiting to pick us up and drive us the 2 hours to my parents’ new home in Bishopville, SC, a town known for its cotton industry and the infamous Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp (legit).

Bishopville, SC

Do you see that tiny thing that says “Savannah Cemetery”? Well, that’s right next to my parents’ house and the church my dad now pastors. We will get to see my dad preach (pretty excited) in his new church and spend the rest of Sunday and part of Monday seeing the “sights” of Bishopville, where a tractor on the road is the only traffic you will see. 🙂

My parents' house and the church

Traffic in Bishopville (Courtesy of my cousin Erin)

Some time on Monday afternoon we will head north and up the Blue Ridge Mountains into Blowing Rock, NC, a place I have been every summer since before I was born minus these last 3 years… We moved a decent amount (NC to ME to CT to NH, then me to MA and back to NH), so when you keep moving, the one thing that stays consistent feels most like home. And no place has ever felt more home to me than my mountains.

Blowing Rock, NC

Appalachian Advent Christian Campground, where our house is

The remainder of Monday and Tuesday will be spent showing Derek all my favorite places in my favorite place on earth – we’ll go to Grandfather Mountain and walk across the Mile High Swinging Bridge, we’ll go to Blowing Rock Park and check out all the shops and snag some Kilwin’s homemade ice cream while we’re there, we’ll go to Cornerstone Christian Bookstore where my family spends hours and stocks up for the coming year, we’ll take a walk down to “the crick” and enjoy the soothing sounds of the water underneath the shade of the trees, we’ll make it out to Valle Crucis and the Mast General Store to grab some rock candy and drink soda from old fashioned bottles, and so much more.

The view in Blowing Rock

The actual Blowing Rock where the town's name comes from

Blue Ridge Parkway - the only way to get anywhere

A glimpse at the Mast General Store

Derek will head back to Boston Tuesday evening which is sad, however I will be in the mountains until Saturday evening, so I’ll get some time in Linville Caverns, Elk River Falls, Moses Cone Estate and so much more. Oh, and did I mention it’s family camp week on the campground so a good number of my friends from the south will all be on the campground staying in the lodge down below? Yes. Yes this is going to be an awesome vacation.

Linville Caverns

Elk River Falls

Moses Cone Estate

All of these pretty pictures and plans are pretty much to say this: I will be away from my office, my home office, and regular access to the internet besides a few picture uploads from my phone for the next week. You can keep up with me on Facebook and on Twitter to see/hear about my adventures in the south after my 3-year absence. Pictures from my camera may have to wait until I return, maybe even until after SoulFest (did I mention that the day after I return I have to get over to Gunstock Mountain in Gilford for my favorite gathering of music lovers ever? LOVE my SoulFest family!), but I will post them, I promise.

So, until some time in August, hasta la vista, friends. : ) Enjoy what’s left of your summers!


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