Wedding Season 2011: Top Picks

After an absolutely fantastic and CRAZY wedding season, I felt it completely appropriate to share some of my favorite memories, couples and photographs with you all. It was an absolute honor to photograph and each of the weddings I was a part of this year. Every couple was absolutely amazing – and each wedding stood out in its own way. And so, I thought it would be neat to have a little awards ceremony – a crazy little way to show some extra love to the couples, friends & family that I was so blessed to get to know for the 2011 Wedding Season.


Francovitch Wedding in Devon, PA
These guys were the most fun to photograph. It can be hard to be completely yourself in front of the camera and be entirely comfortable hamming it up and having a blast while someone is watching you behind a lens. Not true for Tommy & his fantastic group of groomsmen.

Rarely do I find myself in a position where I have to move the camera away from my eye because I am laughing so hard I can’t see straight. Bravo to you, gentlemen, for being completely comfortable with who you are. It was a blast capturing these photos of you! You guys were so awesome I just had to post three photos of you. : )


Pickett Wedding in Virginia Beach, VA
A wedding on the beach in Virginia Beach in April is a guarantee for some absolutely amazing shots, right? Well it really all depends on the couple and the bridal party… Especially when the weather is less than ideal. You wouldn’t know it by these shots, but it was about 40 degrees on the day of Lee & Krista’s wedding.

The bridal party totally sucked it up for the photos and you really can’t tell that they were absolutely freezing. Well… until you look at this precious moment when the happy couple’s feet first met the ocean… You guys were so committed and so trusting. Thank you for your endurance through the cold and positive attitudes! You guys are great!


Iacono Wedding in Lowell, MA
Tim & Darlene had been together since high school and their sweet little girl Kya was probably the most excited about her parents finally getting married. You could tell throughout the day that Tim & Darlene didn’t want the focus to be their day – it was their family’s big day. It’s always fantastic to see two best friends become husband and wife. And as Tim & Darlene will tell you, it was about time. You three are a phenomenal family and the love you share for each other is so precious. Kya is one lucky girl. : )


Galucki Wedding in Nashua, NH
I have seen my fair share of happy couples. I have seen brides and grooms so excited to finally be husband and wife. I have never seen two people more excited than Steve & Manaseh. It was absolutely adorable, overwhelming and completely electric to see the two of them during the ceremony… You could tell the two of them just wanted the prayer to end so they could kiss and be pronounced husband and wife. You both are absolutely wonderful and your marriage is so blessed. Thanks for allowing me to be the one to capture all your absurdly cuteness. : )


Chaney Wedding in Alton, NH
Some of the cutest ideas from a bridal party came at Nick & Anna’s wedding – umbrellas & rain boots for the ladies. Straight up classy. Not to mention the gorgeous train caboose on site that made for some gorgeous photos of the bride & groom. Thanks for letting me photograph the wedding of the other twin, Nick & Anna! I’m so glad I was able to photograph your family again!


Cutting the “Cake” – Galucki Wedding in Nashua, NH
Partially to save money and partially because Manaseh loves them so much, the cake at the Galucki wedding was actually ice cream sandwiches for all. When the time came for the newlyweds to cut their cake, an ice cream sandwich with two cute newlywed bears on top was brought out on a plate with a knife. Steve & Manaseh took their time carefully cutting the ice cream sandwich in half before feeding each other, taking the appropriate amount of ice cream and putting it on the other’s face. Cutest thing I’ve seen to date.


Bridal Party – Francovitch Wedding in Devon, PA
Most couples will go to a few dance lessons before their wedding just to make sure they don’t look like complete silliness on their wedding day. No need for Tommy & Jess nor a majority of their bridal party as they happened to have been a part of their college’s swing club since their freshmen year. Many of the attendants were swing dancers as well and there was even a quick swing dance lesson prior to the reception during the cocktail hour so that guests could have an opportunity to learn and have just as much fun. It was crazy awesome.

Those are just some of the amazing memories and moments at this year’s wedding season and next year is already starting to fill up (save your date now!). It was an absolute privilege to work with each and every single one of the couples that I worked with this year. I got to see my childhood best friend marry the absolute best man for her, my younger sister be a gorgeous maid of honor in the wedding of her two best friends, meet an absolutely wonderful couple and their sweet daughter with a beautiful story, come back to photograph a wedding for the twin sister of a previous client (and good friend), and see two of the most passionate and Christ-centered people I have ever met finally become husband and wife. And with that, I will leave you with some of my other favorite photos from the year. Thank you all!

And this photo isn’t from a wedding I photographed, but it is one I took at a wedding I attended. And it was just too wonderful to not share.


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