Don’t Build Your Own Yellow Brick Road

We all have our own paces in life. Some people just take things as they come, figuring out the next step as they make it. Others plan things far in advance and know each step they are going to take 5 steps before they even take it. Some people keep their calendar free and clear to do a little of this and that here and there while others just fill up every available space they have with something to do. If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m one of those girls that likes to stay busy. I have a full-time job, run my own wedding photography/planning business, sing with the worship team at my church, work with the management team for a multi-day music festival in the summer, spend time working on a book that I plan to publish in the next year and still find time to have a social life (which includes awesome get-togethers like the now annual Christmas party that is coming up – so excited). I just came out of my first official wedding season in which I had a wedding every weekend from May 31-July 16 and then went straight from a one week vacation in the south to a week running a music festival. I keep busy. And I love it – I love always having some project to work on and accomplish.

We all have these journeys we go on – whether it’s something as simple as heading out to work/school, hunting for a job, starting a business or getting married and buying a house. We all have our quests like that of Dorothy and her misfit friends making their way down the yellow brick road to their endpoint – the Emerald City. I typically have multiple quests going on at the same time so my road is rather multicolored, but what happens when you run out of road? Sometimes you get to a place where there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to go, nothing more to be done and you feel lost and stuck…

This is where I have been finding myself lately – so many quests I’m on and trying to get to the endpoint but all of my roads have suddenly stopped and there is no way to turn – and it is a terrible feeling… I was finding myself sinking into some level of misery, feeling trapped and like I would never be able to accomplish all these things I was working on previously… I didn’t know how to get from A to B so that I could get to C… Everything had just sort of stopped and I don’t know what to do with lack of motion…

So what do we do in times like these? I did what most do eventually – I complained to friends. A couple of my dearest friends heard an awful lot of me talking about feeling stuck and hopeless and trapped and useless. And I did – I know so many of you have been there. What we don’t really expect is for our friends to tell us exactly what we need to hear and not necessarily what we want to hear. Here’s how it played out for me:

Me: Whine whine whine, complain complain, I’m stuck in this and I’ve been trying so hard but I have no idea how to get out… It’s just so discouraging…

Friend #1: Well, as you’re telling me this I just keep hearing that verse that says “be still and know that I am God.” Maybe you just need to be still?

Me: Baaaaah. I’m not good at being still!

A few hours later in a completely separate conversation about the exact same issues…

Me: Whine whoa is me complain, I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong… I have no idea how to go anywhere to accomplish these things I want to accomplish and do these things I want to be doing whine complain.

Friend #2: Maybe this is one of those times the Bible talks about where you need to be still and know that He is God and that He is in control.

Me: ALRIGHT ALREADY! I get it God, but I’m terrible at being still!

Friend #2: Don’t worry, I’m sure He’ll help you with that, too!

There comes a time when we really do just need to be still. A lot of the time when we start to see all the things we love that God has planned for us, we get ahead of ourselves and try to make them happen faster or our way. We get to what appears to be the end of our Yellow Brick Road and we start laying our own bricks and then wonder why it’s either taking so long or why it isn’t going where we thought it would be going… Dorothy didn’t build the yellow brick road… She followed it. And it brought her right to where she needed to be, even if there were a few bumps and turns in the road. If you want to get to the places God has destined you for, don’t try to get there on your own. He is the one who will set the bricks into place on your yellow brick road and get you to the end of your journey. Don’t waste time trying to lay the bricks yourself. If you ever find yourself in that place, just be still, know that He is God and He will take care of the rest – yellow bricks and all.


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