App Recap: What’s On My iPhone

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I’ve had a variety of different phones through the past 2 years – Palm Centro, Palm Pre, Saumsung Fascinate, iPhone 4… – and it’s fairly obvious to anyone who knows me that the iPhone and I were made for each other. I never thought I could love a phone so much or do so much with a phone, but goodness, am I glad I can! I have about 85 apps currently on my iPhone. 85. I’m sure you think I’m completely insane, but I’ve discovered a whole lot of great apps that I get so excited about, I just walk up to random people and tell them all about this great app I just discovered (I do the same with websites – ask any of my co-workers). With all this app surfing I do to find the best apps for what I need or like to do, I’ve come across some apps that I think everyone should at least know about. So, here I am to share some of those with you – apps that I doubt you’ve got that I think you should get – in categories such as Navigation, Social, Games, Entertainment, Photography and Finance (to skip to a category, just click one of those links).


In college, my mom got my younger sister and I a GPS unit to help with our navigation of “the city” (My sister went to college outside of Philadelphia – definite need for a GPS. I went to college in Boston and insisted I would be fine without one, but I was very thankful for it when I got it). And my TomTom was an absolutely wonderful help – until it just stopped turning on or charging when I needed it the most. I took the time to do some research and comparison on GPS apps and found a love for the Garmin StreetPilot. The deciding factor between the TomTom app and the Garmin? The Garmin included live traffic updates for free whereas it was a paid service through TomTom – plus it had better reviews.
App Cost: $59.99 one time.



I tend to upload a lot of pictures to Facebook from my phone, and when uploading more than one photo it gets pretty tedious since the iPhone will only let you do one at a time… A friend of mine introduced me to iLoader Lite and it is a definite must have. I can now upload multiple photos at a time. Simple, but oh so important!
App Cost: Free



Okay, I never thought I would be that kid who had a lot of games on their phone, but I really have a good number of games… My top favorites would have to be Flight Control (you are the air traffic controller handling multiple incoming aircrafts and with your finger you show them the path to land without crashing – sounds simple and lame, but it’s super fun), Sky Burger (each level you are given an order with a certain number of ingredients to add and by tilting your phone, you are to catch all the needed ingredients before catching a top bun – seriously addicting) and either Words with Friends or Wordfeud (both of which are free versions of Scrabble that you can play with your friends who have the app or who use it on Facebook).

Flight Control App Cost: $0.99

Sky BurgerApp Cost: Free

Words with Friends and Wordfeud – App Costs: Free


As far as movies go, even when I’m on my computer and I want to see when a movie is playing and where, I hop on Fandango – you can browse multiple theaters, see prices as well as the times and you can even purchase your tickets online for some theaters right then and there. Definitely saved my having to wait in line a few times when I was in Boston.
App Cost: Free



Okay… I have a lot of photo apps to share since I love pictures so much, so bare with me.

My absolute favorite photo apps are a tagteam – Fotolr Camera & Fotolr PhotoStudio.

I started with Fotolr Camera after being somewhat disatisfied with the Instagram app – I really wanted to see the effects before I took the picture… And Fotolr Camera lets you do that. You can choose from lens options like LOMO, Pop Art, Mirror, Old Photo (my fav), Sepia, Rainbow and more as well as choosing the type of film you use such as Die Cut, Film Style, Doodle, Black Borders and more to give your photo a neat edge or texture effect. As mentioned, my favorite part is that you can see what the photo will look like before you take it – and then you can upload directly to Facebook, Twitter, etc. The one thing to be aware of is that Fotolr Camera takes a little bit less of the frame then what you will see when it takes the photo, so give yourself a little extra room.
App Cost: Free


Fotolr PhotoStudio was an additional download I made when there were photos I had taken with the regular iPhone camera app (or even with the Fotolr Camera app) that I wanted to jazz up some more on my phone. Crop, rotate, resize, doodle, change brightness/contrast, add color effects like you can in Fotolr Camera, add text (with lots of different fonts!!), and top it all off by adding a frame/texture or putting your photo into one of about 40+ different scenes. And again, you can upload or send straight away to popular social networks or text messages.
App Cost: Free


I’ve always wanted a way to shoot cool panoramic shots – especially 360s (love). While working with SoulFest this summer, my friend Kenny was taking some panoramas on his iPhone and they were unbelievable. I asked what app he was using and he just says DerManDar. I know, right? Strange name, but this is a free app and the quality and ease is absolutely stunning. You just hold up your phone, press Start and it takes picture #1, then just keep moving and as it gets to the end of the next shot, it will take it automatically as you rotate until you click Finish. Then it stitches it all together and the stitching is nearly flawless. 180s, 360s, whatever you would like!
App Cost: Free


These last two photo apps are discoveries within the last week. One thing I really disliked about my iPhone’s camera is that I was terrible at holding it in a way that I could take a good picture of me or my friends and get us all in the way I wanted. What I really needed was a self timer… So, I did some searching and found just.SelfTimer which I will admit I spent a little too much time having fun with when I first got it on my phone. Set spans of 3, 5 or 10 seconds and the screen will actually count down for you once you click the camera button. All images are saved right in your gallery! Best discovery of the week for sure.
App Cost: Free


I’m a collage fan – I like to find neat ways of putting pictures together, but usually it’s in more of a presentation way than pictures on top of pictures. I had wanted a way to put multiple pictures into one neat, framed image on my phone and discovered a love for Pic Stitch. Choose from a variety of different layouts to include 2, 3 or 4 photos. Rotate, flip, change color (b&w, sepia or regular color only), change the size of the final document, and export directly to Facebook, email or your phone’s gallery. I partnered it with Fotolr PS for some little text additions and was having waaaay too much fun. : )
App Cost: Free



Before my iPhone (and a long line of could-have-been phones from Palms to Droids) I had a Samsung Fascinate and was trying to find a way to keep track of my bills and finances and all that jazz. While Mint had been mentioned to me over and over, I was really looking for something more basic that would just pull in all my bank accounts into one location as well as my main bills. Thus the discovery of Pageonce that has now been moved to my iPhone (yes, this is available in BOTH platforms!!). On one page, I can see a summary of all my bank accounts, all my bills due, my investments (which I have 0 of right now) and my credit card debt (also which I have 0 of). If I tap any of these categories, I can see the breakdown by account and even open up to see the latest transactions. Even my student loans are listed in here for me – love this. Very easy to keep track of, and there is a web component if interested. The app will also show you reports of where your money is going and more if you are interested. I still might check out Mint when I’m looking for something more in-depth, but I love Pageonce… So simple and quick.
App Cost: Free


I’m a proud ING user. My savings account and my business account are housed with ING and I have nothing but the highest praise for how they conduct their banking business. Thus their award for my favorite bank app, though it’s not really even for the bank – it’s for finding ATMs with the ING Free ATM Finder app. Search by current location or type in an address and up pops a map that you can zoom in on and select a location where there is a free ING ATM. Very handy. : )
App Cost: Free

So there you have it – my favorite apps on my iPhone that I think you should know about. What are your favorite apps? Any you think everyone should know about? And what about you Droid users – care to share?


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