Meeting My Crafty Side

My apologies for the blogging hiatus – there have been a lot of changes going on for me since mid-September and I’m just starting to settle in to them right before new changes emerge. I’m so excited. : )

As many of you know, I’ve had a lot of free time lately. Generally speaking, any free time that I have had would go into job searching, writing my book, working on things for my wedding business, etc. When I get time where I can actually relax, I tend to choose things to do that aren’t entirely relaxing. My boyfriend gets on my case about this a good bit, reminding me that relaxation is not a synonym for laziness (I have a hard time seeing the difference sometimes). Well, all this free time has been allowing me to look at different ways of relaxing that I would really enjoy. Thanks to the inspirational Facebook postings of my artsy younger sister and an oh-so-crafty childhood friend, I’ve realized just how much I love making things and have started to explore different types of things I would like to make. And it starts with blankets. Yes, friends, I’m going to make some blankets.

Embellished Recycled Sweater Blanket

Cozy Sweater Blanket

I love the idea of recycling sweaters, whether it be some that I currently own or going to thrift stores and finding some. I love checking out Katwise and seeing what she’s done with her recycled sweater coats, dresses and arm-warmers (though I have yet to find one that is quite my style, I still think they are incredibly neat and unique).

I stumbled across this beautiful Embellished Recycled Sweater blanket idea first and got so excited. I mean, can you imagine cozying up under about 20ish sweaters worth of snuggly wonderfulness on your couch on a cold winter day? (Or, in our case here in New Hampshire it could even be a snowy October day – we got 12+ inches of snow last night!)

This may not be the blanket I start with since I have 0 idea how to use a sewing machine, but it is definitely on my list and I will get to it! : )

Tshirt Quilt

Favorite Tshirt Blanket

This may be the blanket that I am most excited to make… I have a ton of tshirts that I love and cherish but either no longer wear or only wear to bed for different reasons. My current plan is actually to make this blanket out of my old tshirts from when I worked at Apple – pretty awesome and exciting, right? I mean, how many people can say they have an Apple blanket, let alone an Apple blanket made out of Apple tees?!

Yes, I know this one also takes a sewing machine, and since I’m in love with this idea a slight bit more than the sweater idea, this blanket will probably be post-sweater blanket so that I can get better at using a sewing machine.

Tie Fleece Blanket

The Snuggliest of Blankets (no sewing!)

This, my friends, will be blanket #1. Why? Because there is absolutely no sewing involved. : ) Tie fleece blankets are really easy to make, comfortable and can look absolutely fantastic. All I’ve got to do is find 2 different fleece fabrics that I like, cut them to size, cut the fringe pieces all around the edges and then start tying. : )

I actually have an Apple fleece blanket from the days when I worked there… Stuart (my 7 year old cat) decided to make it his sleeping pad and now that beautiful navy blue blanket has orange fur all over it no matter how many times it is washed. I’m going to try to stay clear of dark colored fleece fabrics, especially since I now have an 8 week old kitten (Oswald) as well to furritize anything and everything in his path.

Vintage Yellow Chair

My craftiness isn’t going to stop with blankets – this just happens to be one of the things I can share how-tos and images on. I also have plans for rearranging and redecorating a couple rooms in my house, starting with my studio/quiet space. During the Christmas season it is used as a photobooth by friends, family and guests as they come for different parties and occasions, but during the rest of the year it has slowly turned into a storage room – not what it was meant for. I cleared things out yesterday and today I will start putting up the photos, organizing the furniture (it is a small room, but it has a double papasan and the beautiful yellow chair featured at the right in it), and fixing the backdrop curtain. The idea is that the space can double as a small studio and a quiet space for myself and my roommates. I’m pretty excited to see how it all turns out. : )

Bedroom Photo Wall

Then I will be moving on to updating my bedroom. Shortly after I moved in to my apartment in the summer of 2010 I took the time to put together a pretty intense photo wall that I loved. It has been absolutely fantastic, but now I find myself wanting something a bit different for my room. My boyfriend is going to help me with dismantling the wall as I start to figure out what I would like to do, but I have plans to add a piece of furniture (probably some kind of shelving unit) and some wall shelves and decor. My bed is actually already on the opposite wall with some new wall art above it, which I really like. Just need to finish the transformation.

Once I know from my landlord when they are replacing that last window in the picture with a new one (this window is hidden because it is absolutely hideous) I would really like to paint my room. The entire house is the color of my room, so I would love to start changing things starting where I sleep. : )

Well, there you have it – some of my current and upcoming crafty-type projects. I’m sure as I spend more time looking around on the web I will find more to add to my list, but I’m pretty excited about these few. I will keep you all posted on my progress and how things turn out. I would also love to hear about the different crafts and projects you have taken on recently! Tell me all about them – inspire me!


One Comment to “Meeting My Crafty Side”

  1. we made a tshirt quilt and heather’s family like it so much they gave us 100 tshirts from grandpa and all his children got a quilt. it was a lot of fun.

    if you make it let me know, as heather has some advice if we did them again and ours wore out after 6 years or so. and she fixed them, but i wasn’t involved in the second process.

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