A Time for Thanks (Seriously)

I’ve done it again – gone and not posted for over a month. *Shameful*. Nevertheless, I have plenty of fantastic and wonderful things to update you all on!

At the end of the day on September 15th of this year I lost my very stable, comfortable and local job in Nashua. It was so completely unexpected and I was worried about finances and all that jazz. I began collecting unemployment and did everything I could to be ridiculously frugal so that I could still pay my student loans, rent and other bills. From time to time at my church we take time together to declare certain things over our lives – we have a set of PowerPoint slides that we go through and say aloud together which includes things such as thanking the Lord and declaring with Him for jobs and better jobs, benefits, sales, commissions, bills to decrease, blessings and financial increase to name a few. I remember one Sunday we did this and I was nearly in tears. Then that night my ever so wonderful boyfriend, Derek, had me put one hand on my wallet and the other on some of my bills. He asked me to simply pray “Lord, increase this (my wallet hand) and decrease these (my bills hand).” It seemed so silly, but I did it. Over the next month, I was noticing that some of my student loan payments were less than they used to be and I was actually having more money left over in my account each week than I had working full-time previously! It was unbelievable! And God wasn’t finished yet…

Exactly one month from the day I lost my job, I started a new job! I had my first day as the Social Media Specialist for Workplace Essentials in Billerica, MA on October 16th. I can’t even begin to tell you the blessings I have received with this job and working here – a pay raise & crazy awesome benefits are just the tip of the iceberg… And the commute is typically 30 minutes in, 20 minutes out. I will still be able to spend the week of Christmas in South Carolina with my family even though I will not have finished my 90 day probationary period and I have already been guaranteed any amount of time I would like to take off every year for SoulFest. It just seems like life couldn’t get much better than this, right?

Well, not only have I been booked more weddings for the 2012 season than I did all of the 2011 season already, but I received a phone call a week or so ago from one of the lovely ladies at The Knot telling me that I had been selected as one of their Best Of Wedding 2012 photographers! One year officially in the wedding photography business and I have already received an award from the #1 wedding website?! The announcement will be made officially on their website in January but I can share it now and celebrate!!

Seriously, I must be on cloud nine or something… When we pray for blessing and increase, God really knows how to show up big and take care of all the things we could waste time worrying about – so why waste the time on it at all??! : ) I’ve been spending this entire month remembering to be thankful for all the things I have and the things I take for granted. The results have been marvelous… I feel better and God has just been pouring love and blessing on me. Do not forget to be thankful, especially since this time of year is “dedicated” to things like this! It serves as a great reminder each day to be thankful in our every day lives. LOVE IT.

With all that wonderfulness out of the way, here’s what my upcoming plans consist of:

  • Thanksgiving with my dad’s side of the family (minus my parents and sisters but plus Derek!) tomorrow in Connecticut
  • Black Friday Shopping (duh.)
  • 11/29 my dad will be here to visit with me after work for a bit!
  • 12/10 photographing a wedding in Massachusetts : )
  • 12/16 going to see Quidam by Cirque du Soleil in Worcester after work with Derek!
  • 12/17 Christmas party awesomeness and my “family” of world changers will be reunited
  • 12/23 flying out to South Carolina in the morning to spend the next week with my family for Christmas!

I am sure I missed something… but this is all the super exciting stuff I’ve got on my brain right now.


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