Of Love and Suspenders

With these DIY and Vintage wedding trends popping up all over the place, I’ve discovered a new favorite trend that I am borderline obsessed with: suspenders.

Laura Leslie Photography

Whether there’s a newsboy hat involved or not, there’s just something about the casual yet vintage look that makes this irresistible.

Photographer Unknown

There’s something about suspenders that make things more comfortable and pretty laid back.

Photographers Unknown

I’m thinking my personal attachment may have to do with a mixture of Newsies and Doctor Who, but regardless, they look great!

Photographer Unknown

So besides the fact that they are super fun and allow for some great photo opportunities…

Photographer Unknown

HilaryColleen Photography

… Kids look absolutely fantastic in them. ❤

Photographer Unknown

Photographer Unknown

Regardless of how you set up your look, whether it’s striped ties with suspenders or a super country look with brown pants and no vests, suspenders are one of the hottest trends in weddings right now.

What are YOUR thoughts on suspenders at weddings? Yes or no? You know my opinion, so I’ll leave you with my absolute favorite find so far…

Three Nails Photography



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