Adventure Bound (and Determined)

Spring. As soon as the weather starts getting warmer and the sun starts feeling happier, I start getting the itch for adventures and finding myself more awake and ready to make plans. The best part? I’ve already got a lot of awesome things coming up that I wanted to share with you guys (and sometimes it helps my brain remember when I write it all out).

Unplugged Weekend

I’ve started planning this amazing ladies-only getaway… The idea would be to go away for the weekend somewhere in New England that isn’t a crazy far drive where we can all “unplug” – turn off cellphones, laptops, cable TV… I would love to say we could keep them off for the entire weekend, but I understand needing to make a call once a day or something to check in on husbands or family members or whatever. I’m also not looking to go without electricity or nice hot showers, so don’t worry about that. I’ve got a couple of different cabins I’m looking at in MA, NH and VT and I’m trying to keep it around $100 per person MAX which would include the cabin, food and gas. The more women we have going, the lower I can make the pricing – potentially down to $60/each! So we’ll see how it goes and who all is interested (if you are interested, send me a message and let me know!). The crazy in me would like to do it the end of this month, but it may be a little further out – we shall see!

Florida + Harry Potter World = LOVE

On May 18th after work, I will be hopping a plane to Orlando, FL where my friend Krista will pick me up and take me to her & her husband Lee’s place in Palm Bay for about 3.5 days of pure awesomeness. I haven’t been to Florida since my 11th birthday when my whole family went to Disney… and I haven’t seen Krista since her wedding in April of last year (which is totally unacceptable – we’ve been friends since I was 9 or 10 and she is downright amazing – and Lee’s pretty decent, I guess). We’re going to spend some time at the beach and over at Universal Studios to immerse ourselves in Hogwarts at Harry Potter World before I have to fly back on Tuesday morning. I can’t wait to see them… you have no idea how much I miss these two and how much they get me.

25th Birthday in Newport

When I was a kid, I remember my parents taking us to Newport, RI – walking on the Cliffwalk, checking out some of the huge mansions and getting tours, and just enjoying the awesome views of the ocean in this amazing place. Well, I figured it would be a fantastic place to go for my 25th birthday, so that’s become the plan! (Obviously, if you would like to come celebrate with me on June 8, 9 or 10 you are totally welcome – I haven’t decided on a final date yet). I plan to do something on my actual birthday on June 11th closer to home, but I haven’t figured that out yet, either. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m just excited to be going to Newport again.

Vermont Wedding Weekend

In 2009 I spent a weekend in Vermont for Tom & Jen’s wedding surrounded by fabulous college friends. Well, I’ll be heading back to the same area for my friend Hillary’s wedding (yep – my wonderful double-L) and I can’t wait to see all of those people again. I’ll be traveling up on June 22 after work and returning some time on the 24th. All I know is that area of Vermont is gorgeous, some of my best college friends will be there, I get to take pictures, and double-L is getting married. : ) Can’t wait.

The Color Run

I heard about this 5k race a couple of months ago and it sounded awesome, but I never thought I would ever run a 5k. I had been wanting to get back into running and biking, so I bought myself some new duds. The next day, my younger sister posts on Facebook that she & my dad should run in The Color Run in Charlotte, NC and I was jealous. The Color Run is known as “the happiest 5k on the planet” and truly lives up to its name. Here’s how it works: you show up at the starting line in a white shirt. Every 1k, you get “blasted” with a new color which is essentially colored corn starch so it’s pretty harmless (you can eat it, though it doesn’t taste great). By the end, you are a fantastic rainbow and you are given a bag of your own color to throw around as you celebrate the end of the race with food & friends.

I found myself looking through their website to see where the closest one to me was and all I found was New York. Two days later, I looked again and there was one in Boston. I signed up immediately and created a team registration area to start inviting my friends. You should totally join me! You don’t have to run – there will absolutely be people who walk, and I may not even run the whole thing. The race is on July 28th in Boston, you need at least 4 people to get the team rate and right now it’s just me, Matt & Jenna. I’ve had lots of people express interest, and I can’t reserve spots (they sell out fast). If you would like to join my team, follow this link, click on Team Registration and fill out the information. Team members are $35 each ($38.28 with processing fee) if you sign up by April 15th. After that, it goes up in $5 increments for different deadlines. Sign up ASAP!

SoulFest – Year 5

My fifth year anniversary with SoulFest is this summer! I’ll be heading on-site on July 29th (the day after The Color Run – crazy, I know) and the festival is August 1-4. The bands this year are absolutely amazing and I am so psyched. The one strange thing is that a couple of my guys aren’t returning to work the festival, which will definitely be an adjustment for me. With that said, though, I cannot wait to be reunited with the rest of my SoulFest family. If you want to see me in my element – in the place where I feel most useful, most loved, most wanted and most happy – come visit me at SoulFest. : ) Nothing beats that for me. You should think about volunteering – full-time volunteers work two 4.5 hour shifts, get a campsite on Volunteer Hill, 1 meal card a day, and free admission to the entire festival. Part-time volunteers work one 4.5 hour shift per day and get 50% off admission at the time they purchase their ticket. Come join our family by going to the SoulFest Volunteer page.

Southern Vacation Part Deux

Literally the day after SoulFest ends (August 5), I will be hopping a plane to Charlotte, NC where my parents will pick me up and take me to my mountains in Blowing Rock, NC for the week. I can’t wait to see my family again and spend time in my favorite place on the planet (no offense to SoulFest or Nashua). Thus far, no place has felt like home quite so much as my mountains – and I have never even lived there. I’ve only spent every summer there (minus one) for my entire life. : )

Wedding Season 2012

Amidst all these adventures, I’m going full-speed into my second official wedding season with HilaryColleen Photography and business has exploded. I’ve got 12 weddings contracted for 2012 so far with a couple more still in negotiation and 3 weddings already booked for 2013. This wedding season is taking me all over New England in NH, MA, & VT so far, and one of the weddings is for a friend of mine from college, which will be fantastic. I’m so excited for the business expanding!

…And then we’re nearing the end of August – crazy! I’m working on coming up with some kind of adventure for Thanksgiving, but that can wait for a little bit longer. ๐Ÿ™‚ What types of adventures do YOU have planned this year?


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  1. Newport = beautiful. I went there for a day last summer. The Cliffwalk is great!

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