How to Find the Church That’s Right for You

Nearly two years ago I set out on a journey that would radically change my life and I decided to bring you all along with me. After growing up in the church, my beliefs had changed to where the types of churches I had been going to just weren’t feeding me anymore… I knew I needed a change, but had no real idea of where to start or how to find a new church home. So, I sat down and came up with my own roadmap of how I was going to find the right church for me – and wouldn’t you know it worked?! Here are the posts I wrote throughout the process:

The response I received from these two posts was amazing. So many people kept contacting me to ask how things were going and if I could explain more to them about the process I went through… And so I began a new project: writing it all out for a book with more detail and information to boot.People close by and far away have been asking when they can get a hand on the information and it’s been quite humbling thus far, but I would like your input.

Is a book about how to go about finding the right church home that will feed you spiritually, challenge you and provide you with the community you desire of interest to you? Do you see a need for it? Would you buy it or recommend it to a friend?

I look forward to reading your thoughts and receiving your input, friends! Thank you!


2 Comments to “How to Find the Church That’s Right for You”

  1. Everyone will encounter this at some point in their life.. whether young or old, it’s a difficult task and one that I in which we could all benefit from some guidance. Can’t wait to see/hear the results, Hilary!

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