An Apology from a Christian


[ This post was originally written as a Facebook status and grew into something much longer than I intended. I felt the need to share it on my blog, even though I haven’t posted in quite some time. ]

I’m sorry.

To those of you who have been badgered, judged and attacked because of what you do or don’t believe that may be contrary to Christian beliefs by Christians.

To those of you in the church that feel so unloved, unwelcomed, unwanted and unimportant to your church body – like you’re invisible, like you wouldn’t be missed, like you don’t matter, like you have to pretend every second you are around “those people”.

To those of you who have been severely, deeply, unbelievably hurt and scared by the church because of any lies, backstabbing, gossip and hypocrisy – things that made you leave the church because it was so contrary to what they taught, things that made you turn and run because those in leadership treated you poorly and made wrong decisions, things that made you question whether God really was love because of how the people in the church were running things.

I’m sorry.

To those of you who have been wanting to enter the church but don’t for fear of rejection, laughter, ridicule, judgement or being called out, condemned and told to leave whether it be because of your sexual orientation, your past, your lifestyle, your tattoos, your piercings, your reputation…

To those of you who have seen time and time again churches like that of Westboro Baptist and the things they say God wants being shoved in the faces of the grieving, the widowed, the lonely, the heartbroken and the shaken – to those of you who believe that they are what the church was meant to be like, what God is like.

To those of you who have been told that you are going to hell, you are unforgivable, you are hated by God, you are unwanted in Heaven, you are unwelcome in the Kingdom, you are not usable by God, or that you have to change before God will ever love or want you.

I’m sorry to those of you who have never seen, heard or felt that God is first and foremost LOVE – that He loves YOU just as you are, where you are, who you are, and that He will always be there for you even if you don’t think you will ever need Him.

I’m sorry about the reputation that Christians and the church have made for themselves and I’m sorry that they are something that infuriates, annoys, scares, terrorizes, badgers, judges, ridicules, points fingers, accuses and alienates.

I know that I can’t right every wrong that the church has done, that Christians have done, that I have done – but I am so sorry for anything that has been done that has turned you off or away from God – anything that has made “Jesus” and “Love” in the same sentence taste sour to you.

I’m sorry. I love you. As you are. And so does God, whether you believe in Him or like Him or not. And He (and I) will be there for you whenever you need us.


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