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January 23, 2012

Marketing Ninja Backpack: Top 3 Online Marketing Productivity Tools

It’s been just over two months since I started my full-time adventure in social media – and boy, has it been a fantastic ride. I’ve grown up during the birth of social media networks and I’ve been involved in quite a few platforms from their beginning stages, but I was always uncertain of how “good” I would be with social media as my job – or even how much I would like doing it full-time. I absolutely love spending my days researching, reading tweets and articles, writing blog posts, designing campaigns and tracking analytics. And while I’ve learned a whole lot in these two months, nothing could compare to the knowledge I’ve gained surrounding marketing productivity tools and their importance to a well-rounded, efficient and relevant marketing campaign. So, I thought I would share with you my current favorite three tools that I keep in the marketing compartment of my “ninja backpack”.

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December 13, 2011

How LinkedIn Saved My Life

Okay, so it didn’t really save my life, but it definitely did pull me out of a mighty big pickle. I’ve always been a fan of social media, jumping on the Myspace bandwagon back in the day as well as DeviantArt, LiveJournal or Xanga, and then moving into Facebook and WordPress in my college years. I started dabbling in Twitter shortly after graduating from college, but that’s about where I drew the line. LinkedIn just seemed completely lame to me. I mean, what could I possibly get our of a network where all I saw were people’s resumes and recommendations and blah blah blah… So I just didn’t get one.

When I started work for New Horizons Computer Learning Center in Nashua, NH, one of my key responsibilities was to develop a social media plan and to take our sales team into the domain of using these networking sites to generate leads. Hah! I thought that was all just crazy talk, right? I started doing my research and discovered that there really were a lot of benefits to using LinkedIn for prospecting and networking with current clients. Before I could get my co-workers going, I needed to get into it myself, so I spent a week or two going through all the features and fully vamping up my profile (which I had just started 10 days before my first day). I added previous jobs & job descriptions, skill sets, a link to my portfolio, educational information, and briefly checked out the recommendations area. I did a little hunting around in groups and such and then discovered a jackpot for our sales people and, even though I didn’t know it, a future me: job postings.

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May 23, 2011

The Ultimate Job Searching Technique

Whether you’re starting to look for jobs for the first time or you’ve already been through the process a couple of times, you know that looking for a job can take time. With all the resources at our fingertips on the internet these days, it is so much easier to find all the jobs available, but it’s hard to sort through them all without losing a whole day. I’m going to share with you all what I consider to be the ultimate techniques for job searching that I’ve picked up along the road to help you get the best results out of your searching – and to use less time doing it!

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March 29, 2011


What are 3 things you love and enjoy most in life? Do any of them have something to do with art, nature, writing, singing, acting…? Think about it for a second – no really, take some time to think about this and write it down. What are 3 things that just make your heart sing, your spirit soar and your whole being just glow with the warmth of happiness?

Looking at your list, compare those things to your job/life right now – are those things involved? For those of you who already have that as a part of your job and every day life – bravo! For those of you who either just realized or already knew that your current situation doesn’t include the things you love most:

Why aren’t you doing them?

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