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July 12, 2010

My Two Feet Only

Wrote this while I was waiting for the hallway to dry so I could make some dinner. : )

I’m just sitting here counting headlights
Wishing I could run out and catch some like fireflies
Bottle up the jar and bring them inside
All the while telling them “It’ll be all right,
I just need to borrow some of your light tonight.”

Then I’d pop off the lid and set them free
Singing “While you’re here, would you shine for me?
Because this house is lonely with my two feet only
And your shine brings the happy I seek.”

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August 26, 2009

Unsatisfied (8/22)

I just spent an amazing 5 days away from home all over southern New Hampshire with some of my closest friends. So much change happens in me and so many amazing things happen when I’m with any of the four guys that I call my brothers, and a majority of the past 5 days I have been with all four of them. Out of the revelations and deep discussions that we had together, I wrote this poem. I feel like it pretty much speaks for itself, so I won’t give an explanation to go along with it. If you do have any questions, please feel free to ask me. I’d love for you to join me in this state of being unsatisfied.


As if the lights were always on
But my eyes were too closed to see
As if the music were always blaring
But my ears preferred a silent ring
As if the fire were right beside me
But my hands were content in the cold
As if the roses smelled their sweetest
But my nose favored the mold

We have put chains and limits on ourselves
That separate us from the fullness of living
We’ve been satisfied with being His followers
But we’ve neglected the truth of all He’s giving
His existence defies rationality
And His love defies reason
We should be striving to do the same
Through every time, place and season

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August 19, 2009

Don’t Give Up On Me Now

I was in a poetry writing mood. And this one sort of came out more lyrical than I expected. If I ever actually learn to play the guitar, maybe something will come of it. There’s already bits of tunes in my head. : ) Just one of those nights where I’m realizing all that has changed and how much all of that change means for my future. This life may not always be easy and full of lemon drops and gum drops (oh, what a rain that would be!), but it’s still beautiful and it’s still all a part of what God has in store for me… And I just got inspiration for another poem… Maybe I’ll have to jot some down before I go to bed… Enjoy!

Open this book and read the tattered pages
Sometimes it still feels like I’m setting stages
To smile the biggest and laugh so hard
No, I never knew change would go this far
Everything I thought I knew has been turned around
And the aftershock of the change leaves a painful sound
My heart still feels the tremors and it’s sometimes scared to beat
While I’m weaker than I’ll admit, I refuse to state defeat

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May 27, 2009

Breathe In The World

It’s amazing what you find when you go through boxes, clean out and repack… I’m heading to North Andover tomorrow, so I’ve been going through all of these boxes in my room from high school, middle school and beyond that are mixed with other stuff that I might actually want with me. While going through, there was this really small piece of paper. I don’t exactly know why I decided to unfold it and look at it – there wasn’t anything else in the box I looked at since it was full of photos from elementary school. But, I opened it and what I read made me so happy.


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