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June 17, 2009

“Treasures of the North” by Tracie Peterson

Set in the 1890s in the early stages of the Alaskan gold rush, Treasures of the North begins by following the life of Grace Hawkins, the daughter of a wealthy family with a high social status. When Grace’s father sets her up with an arranged marriage to an abusive, controlling man in order to pay off a great debt, Grace’s governess, Karen Pierce, makes plans for Grace to accompany her and her aunt Doris to Alaska to meet up with Karen’s father. While problem after problem presents itself, their faith in God protects them and provides for them beyond their wildest dreams on the barely civilized Alaskan shores. As their lives move forward in their new home, one thought continues to nag Karen – Paxton is a very powerful, determined man. Would he ever stop looking for Grace? What had happened to the Hawkins family? Could he find her here? And what would they do if he did?

I’m not going to spoil the book because I definitely want you to read it, but I loved this book. Though their lives and stories are so very different, Grace and Peter had the most effect on my reading experience. As her relationship with God grows and shines a light brighter than Karen had ever imagined, Grace finds herself falling for Peter, a man who believes God exists and yet would rather trust in himself to see to his and his family’s needs. Troubled by how much pride Peter takes in his family’s trust and how heavily he relies on being their guide, Grace admits her fear for Peter to him in their conversations and leaves Peter troubled and bothered by all that she says.

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June 16, 2009

Introducing “The Book Shelf”

This is just a quick little post to let you guys know about a new section to my blog – The Book Shelf.

Thanks to my friend Jess, I’m starting a list of books I want to read this summer and I’m challenging myself to finish whatever I end up adding onto that list and to review each book after I finish it. If you have any suggestions, please let me know – I would love to add them.

Updates to the reading list will always be posted on The Book Shelf page, so check back there to see what I’ve added, etc. I’m considering posting the reviews as I write them as a blog post on here and then after that you can just refer to The Book Shelf. What do you think?