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December 18, 2012

Holiday Roadtrip Extravaganza

I’ve been on many a long trip with my family – we would drive from the very tip of Maine (Presque Isle, to be exact) down to Blowing Rock, North Carolina once a year growing up. I’ve made many long trips with choirs over the years in middle school and college bringing me all the way down to Florida and back. I’ve driven myself from here in New Hampshire down to Blowing Rock and back more recently and it was a blast. But I’ve never really done what I would consider a “roadtrip” – stopping at a bunch of different places over a decent span of time with someone else around during the long and short drives… I’ve always wanted to, but never found the time or places to go or someone to go with. But that’s about to change!

This Friday, my wonderful boyfriend Derek and I will start a two week, nearly 4,000 mile roadtrip for the holidays, stopping to see friends and family along the way! The trip idea first came to my head at the end of the summer and when I brought the idea up to Derek, he agreed (probably not really knowing all that he was getting himself into :P). So, the planning began and we began mapping out our route which gradually expanded and shifted and changed to what it is today. The whole trip seemed so far away as I began making preparations, but now there are just three days left until we leave! I’m so excited!

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