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August 30, 2012

Mastering the Art of the Query

Well, things have died down a bit for me and while I’ve got some amazing changes on the horizon, I’ve actually found some time to work on my book again! (and there was much rejoicing!) The first step (for me) to getting my book published is to find myself a literary agent. From what I’ve read and heard, it can be pretty tough to find a literary agent if you’ve a.) never been published before, b.) never worked with an agent before or c.) never known someone who has worked with said agent before. In my case, I’ve never been published and never worked with an agent. I may know someone who knows a good agent, so I’m keeping my ears open for that but mostly what I’ve got to work with is that I’ve got a unique book with nothing like it on the market… I’ve got something that I believe answers a lot of questions when there’s nothing else out there to rival it… So what do I have to do? Master the art of the Query Letter. Or Proposal depending on who you talk to since this is non-fiction…

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May 18, 2011

Adventures in Publishing Part 1

Many of you know I’ve been working on getting my book together for publishing. The book isn’t done yet, but from what I’ve read it is important to start the publisher/agent search as soon as possible. And, as crazy as it sounds, launching into wedding season has brought back my writing inspiration. So not only am I traveling all over the place photographing, planning and attending weddings but I’m also working on, editing and finishing my book and starting research into publishers and literary agents to get my book published within the next… 6-12 months. Yikes!

I don’t know many people who have ever published a book – a professor or two in college would be all I can think of – and I’ve never met an author or talked with anyone about publishing, so what little knowledge I started with came from watching TV, listening to conversations and trying to think about the process rationally. Where has that led me? To sharing what I learn step by step with you all.

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