Wish List

On a more personal life note, here is an updated wish list – for my birthday 2013!

      • I NEED this shirt in Royal Blue – rom probably a small.
      • And I would totally love this mighty fine ring please and thanks!
      • Phillip Phillips’ album!
      • A hammock capable of holding 2 people with a stand (NOT the Vivere hammocks… they’re horrible…) and/or a hammock chair (doesn’t need a stand).
      • A grill, even a super simple one. Not kidding. I have this awesome backyard that cannot go unused for the grillins!
      • LANTERNS! I love lanterns… Paper lanterns, string-light lanterns, little lanterns to put candles in, BIG lanterns to put candles in… LOVE THEM!
      • A KitchenAid would be totally welcomed ❤ And QVC currently has this beautiful blue one on sale 😀
      • I wouldn’t mind a new tripod that has a hook underneath to add weight for when it’s windy out, but I don’t really have one in mind and haven’t done any research.
      • Diamond Candles (Lemon, Linen and Strawberry scents are my favorites, but you could always get me a giftcard :P)
      • The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Special Extended Edition(please and thanks)

        You know you would join me for the marathon…

      • The Sarah Plain & Tall Collection on DVD
      • Let’s get a little Doctor Who for a moment…

      High Council of the Time Lords shirt – absolutely!

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